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Welcome to C & M Coatings, Inc.

C & M Coatings Inc. is located in Grand Haven, Michigan, and has been a leading manufacturer of coating conveyor roller systems and roller covers for over 30 years. We take pride in knowing we have built our reputation on exceptional product quality. We also offer conditioned conveyor covers in polyurethane, or vinyl/PVC and UHM at a competitive price

As one of the largest roller coating companies in the United States, we continue to meet the needs of this unique industry. As such, C & M Coatings is the vendor of choice to many of the largest conveyor companies in the industry, including Honeywell Intelligrated, MHS Global, and SST Conveyor. Our satisfied customers can attest to C & M’s outstanding customer service and project response time.

We welcome the opportunity to add your company to our growing list of satisfied customers. Let us know how we can help your conveyor rollers be as productive as possible by calling (616) 842-1925.

We Keep the World Rolling by Specializing in:
  • Conveyor roller components
  • Interface fit roller covers
  • Rubber, PVS, Vinyl, UHMW, and Polyurethane coating/sleeves for conveyor rollers.
  • UHMW conveyor roller sleeves
  • Tapered roller covers foam and solid polyurethane


Our Services
  • Custom colors from which to choose
  • Customized lengths (jobs cut to order)
  • Installation of roller covers

FREE job estimates

Rush ordering available (additional cost)

C&M Coatings Advantages
  • Anti-marking properties
  • Best system noise reduction available
  • Better control of product delivery, speed, and movement
  • Chemically resistant
  • Consistent coating thickness to ensure high quality and product dependability
  • Consistent load ratings
  • Dual shells and complete rollers with bearings and axles
  • High protection benefits from damage
  • High-quality control
  • Long life of product coating
  • Lower cost production
  • Multiple-sized rollers
  • Short lead times
  • Wide selection of colors
Interface Fit Roller Covers
  • Antimicrobial
  • Bumpers and impact zones
  • Drops and chutes
  • Food transfer lines
  • Safety covers for stand-offs
  • Transaction for inclines
Conveyor Color Options
  • Safety Orange (standard)
  • Food Grade White
  • Natural Clear
  • Standard black
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue

Custom colors and sizes are available.

Our Products

UHMW Roller Sleeves

UHMW clutch slip sleeves has a superior surface finish allow for accumulation of product on power roller conveyors without damaging or marring conveyed products. In addition, the conveyor system is protected from over taxing the drive components by relieving line pressure at bottlenecks and jams.

Vinyl PVC Roller Covers

Vinyl / PVC Roller Covers have excellent chemical resistance and are perfect for high corrosive areas. PVC Roller Covers are very uniform in thickness and cost effective. These covers have set an industry standard for use with both powered and unpowered roller conveyors.

Tapered Corner Sleeves

C & M Coatings tapered roller sleeves are great for corners on your conveying system. It will convert a standard straight roller into a tapered conveyor roller. Made out of a polyurethane material, both in a solid for heavier loads.

Committed to Excellent Service

Quality for over 30+ years






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Company News

C & M Coatings Inc. is proud to announce the opening of a second location in West Michigan. It is 10,000 square feet and will focus on high-volume production of Vinyl, UHMW, and Polyurethane-covered rollers. The total capacity will be 3000-4000 covered rollers per day, making C & M Coatings the largest manufacturer of coating conveyor roller systems and roller covers in North America.

Plant # 1 will focus on the warehousing of raw materials and production.

Did You Know?

We have customers in all 50 states including 50 that are Fortune 500!

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