Our Products

UHMW Roller Sleeves

UHMW clutch slip sleeves has a superior surface finish allow for accumulation of product on power roller conveyors without damaging or marring conveyed products. In addition, the conveyor system is protected from over taxing the drive components by relieving line pressure at bottlenecks and jams.

Tapered Corner Sleeves

C & M Coatings tapered roller sleeves are great for corners on your conveying system. It will convert a standard straight roller into a tapered conveyor roller. Made out of a polyurethane material, both in a solid for heavier loads.

Vinyl PVC Roller Covers

Vinyl / PVC Roller Covers have excellent chemical resistance and are perfect for high corrosive areas. PVC Roller Covers are very uniform in thickness and cost effective. These covers have set an industry standard for use with both powered and unpowered roller conveyors.